I Use Copy to Give You An Advantage



Articles, blogs, scripts, ads, tech writing, brochures.

baby, child, portrait-219852.jpg

Eye Contact Means Love

Introduction to a video aimed at helping first-time parents raise their baby.

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Resistance is Futile: Ignorance Can Be Fatal

Article about how understanding nature and your environment can lead to a better flow and energy in your life.



Visual representations of systems, methods, or concepts.

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Arista: About Us

Draft brochure for a new company called Arista Technologies specializing cyber security.

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How You Can R.E.L.A.T.E.

Model showing the stages of breaking an old habit, forming a new one, and accomplishing a goal.



Long form (movies, training), short form (podcast intros, outros, or ads), music videos.


Carl Shawn Watkins Video Intro

Ut urna, aliquet duis praesent non at elit suscipit pulvinar.


Podcast intro for T Gonzalez

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