About Mark.

I am Mark Bentcover founder of La Gran Pluma.

I am here to serve you by providing the words, infographics, or videos to communicate to you and your customers.

My purpose in life is to help individuals, groups, and companies find their voice, communicate to their audience, show them how to solve problems, or leverage opportunities.

I do so by getting to know you and your organization’s values, culture, and personality. Knowing this I can write for you and your customers in your voice, tone, and purpose.

I have been writing fiction and non-fiction for as long as I can remember.

I can represent your voice because I have probably been there.

I am known as Mark Of All Trades Master of Some.

I have worked in:

The film and television industry
in roles ranging from foley artist, voice actor, cinematographer, character actor, director, editor, and screenplay writer.

The music industry as stage manager, roadie, musician, composer, recording engineer, producer, and performer.

Information Technology as a programmer, database administrator, technology manager, Chief Technology Officer, business analyst, SCRUMMaster, and enterprise architect.

Manufacturing including the aerospace, defense, semiconductor, electronics, and computer industries as a manufacturing engineer, technical trainer, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, certified Lean Leader, Senior Manager, industry 4.0, Program Manager, and other roles.

I have also been a therapist, university professor, author, podcaster, blogger, coach, mentor, and much more.

My hobbies include fishing, movies, travelling, snorkeling, off roading, and swimming.

Some additional factoids about me are I was born in Chicago, love deep dish pizza, the White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears (and yes, the Cubbies)… Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, science fiction and fantasy geek and a lot more.

By leveraging part of my life experiences combined with my love for people I use my curiosity to learn new things everyday.  I can write on many subjects for many purposes.  Those which I have much experience.  And those which I am just starting to find.

Review my samples, my testimonials, and if you feel I can be of service to you please schedule an exploratory conversation and let’s figure it out.

I love meeting new people and figuring out their needs to see if I can help.  At worst, we will learn something interesting about each other, have a laugh, and it will be a good and effective time for all.


Articles, blogs, scripts, ads, tech writing, brochures


Visual representations of systems, methods, or concepts.


Long form (movies, training), short form (podcast intros, outros, or ads), music videos

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