What My Clients Say about Me

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With

Michelle Hlywa, Slingshot Designs

Founder, Professional Development & Leadership Strategist

“Mark has a rare and valuable skill set in that he excels in both technical aptitude and creative expression. His attention to detail is apparent in his writing as he subtly challenges his audience to question biases and shift paradigms. Mark’s robust engineering background lends discipline and fluidity to his content, he is exceptional at drawing others in and leading them through a mental journey by connecting seemingly unrelated ideas into a cohesive narrative. Combining an array of curated influences and a powerful vocabulary to his vision, Mark’s writing is always eloquent, interesting, and quite compelling. I would confidently turn to Mark for creation of any process documentation or creative marketing content for my business.”

“Marky B. has a way with words... I first started working with Mark after he connected with me on Linkedin utilizing creative outreach strategies. His wide range of experience across industries has given him a powerful pallet of words and styles for his copywriting. He can hit any tone you need. From dark and eerie storytelling, to bright and bold professional copywriting... I'm continually impressed with his work as a writer and friend.”
Travis Lachner, The Beast Node
“We provided Mark with some ideas about our business and vision. He was able to tighten them up and provide a clearer message about our vision, purpose, what we do, and how we can help our customers. He has an empathetic ear and is able to create powerful messaging in his client's voice. I would not think twice about hiring mark to either write copy or create models and graphics.”
Denrich Sananda, Arista Technologies Limited
Director, Business Development
“Mark created an intro video for my newly launched podcast. He captured my thoughts, vision and message perfectly without much direction. Mark is truly talented and exceeded my expectations. Cannot wait to request the next video. And of course I have shared his work and mention of his name with the thousands who are connected to me. Very grateful for the excellent work Mark. You rock. Thank you. Keep doing what you do”
Let's Talk Small Data
Program Manager
"Few people are fortunate enough to have the chance to work with an outstanding person like Mark Bentcover. Since I have met and talked with Mark here on LinkedIn he has been nothing but a jewel to work with. He is always excitable about your passion and has the heart to see you grow, develop, and be successful. His love for helping others always comes shining through. His exceptionally media knowledge and production expertise is second to none. I am constantly impressed by his exceptional knowledge of the things he does and his tremendous ability to make things that he shows to you simple, easy, and understandable to learn and achieve. His purpose is for the new normal generation and his style, love, and character has been second to none. Not to mention, his personality always beams confidence and his mood lights up any atmosphere. I would highly recommend Mark Bentcover for any project, whether it's building your business, sharing his communication and strategic knowledge, or just being a listening ear to your projects. He is my number 1"
Carl Shawn Watkins, Carl Shawn Watkins Consulting
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